- Covid-19 -

How We're Protecting You

Use of Face Masks

We make sure that all our staff (including admin and therapists) are wearing face masks when in proximity with clients. If you would request that a therapist wear a face-shield or gloves, that can also be accommodated.

We also highly recommend that all of our clients wear face masks in the clinic (unless you have a medical exemption, of course). If you don’t have one, we can provide you with one.

Wearing face masks can definitely help reduce the risk of potential spread of the virus.

Temperature Checks

Before starting your appointment with one of our therapists, you will be requested to fill out a covid-19 screening questionnaire as well as have your temperature checked with an infrared thermometer.

If you report any symptoms or your temperature is above normal, we would ask you to get tested for Covid-19 and re-schedule your appointment.

We believe this is a vital aspect of preventing Covid-19 spread in our clinic.

White temperature checker being pointed at a young girl's forehead

Sanitation Procedures

There are 15-20 minutes blocked off between each treatment in a room. We use this time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the room prior to a new appointment. This also helps to reduce the number of clients in reception. We use a mixture of disinfectant and 70% alcohol to clean all aspects of a room.

We also provide sanitizer to clients both as soon as you enter our front doors and also at the front desk. You can also request sanitizer if you would like when you are in any room in our office.

This is another great way to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Two young hands reaching for a sanitization bottle

Plexiglass Guard

We use a plexiglass guard at our reception desk. This will help to minimize potential interaction between our admin staff and clients. We also recommend social distancing between staff and clients whenever possible.

We are open to any suggestions by our clients about how we can continue to keep everyone in our clinic safe and protected. If there are any accommodations that you would require to make you feel safer, simply mention it to our admin team and we will do our absolute best to provide them to you.

We take these precautions as the health and safety of our clients and staff is very important to us.

Runway Health Front desk