- What To Expect -

When You Begin Treatment For Your Pain

Advanced Manual Therapy

This is a main focus of our treatment that allows us to achieve successful results. During your physical examination, we will determine exactly which of your muscles are working effectively and which are not. This will give us a better understanding of your case.

As such, we utilize interactive manual therapy techniques designed to re-train and re-activate the muscles that are not working effectively. This will work to reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase stability within your joints and soft tissues.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Most of our low back pain patients present with moderate to severe arthritis or herniated discs. When your spine degenerates, the bones come closer together as there is a thinning of your disc, which ultimately creates possible nerve compression.

Low Back Decompression is a painless treatment that will open up the disc space in your spine & create a vacuum like effect to create hydration and lubrication. This is effective for sustained pain relief by alleviating pressure on your nerves.

Laser Knee Decompression

This is the catalyst to our Axis Knee Program. It is designed for patients suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis or meniscus tears. It is a painless & safe treatment that works by creating a pull on your knee to open the joint.

The pull is generated by a computerized system based on case-specific parameters that are determined by examination findings. Simultaneously, therapeutic laser is penetrated deep into the knee joint for effective healing, pain relief, and inflammation reduction.

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Anti-Inflammatory Modalities

When there’s pain, there’s always inflammation. It’s really that simple. We utilize modalities to be able to reduce swelling, improve blood flow, promote healing, and ultimately reduce inflammation.

Inflammation tends to cause compression within our joints, muscles, and nerves which contributes to the pain we experience. By reducing that compression, we alleviate pain and improve mobility. This is a completely pain-free type of treatment modality.

Orthopaedic Medical Devices

We understand that sometimes orthopedic medical devices are required for optimal results. For example, we may determine that your feet imbalances are a contributing cause to your knee pain. As such, custom fitted orthotics is prescribed to stabilize your base of support.

Another example is reduced stability in your knee contributing to the pain that you are developing. In these cases, we will usually recommend the specific orthoapaedic knee brace that is required for your specific diagnosis. The brace will help to increase the stability and proprioception in your joint.

Nutritional & Supplement Advice

This part of the program further accelerates your recovery and maintains long-term results even after your in-office treatment is complete. We all know that diet, nutrition, & natural supplementation is critically important to our joint health.

We provide you with the exact supplement stack to be able to re-nourish your joints with the most effective healing and anti-inflammatory properties. We also guide you through an anti-inflammatory diet and monitor your progress. This aspect of your treatment takes your recovery to the next level.

Corrective Rehab Exercises

Specific customized exercises will be recommended for optimal results. Exercise instructions will be given and performed in clinic to ensure they are done correctly. Follow-up with these exercises may be essential to your recovery.

The exercises you are given is for your specific condition and are adjusted depending on the severity of your pain and the stage of your rehabilitation recovery process. It’s crucial for them to be completed.