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What Most of You Want To Ask Us

Our patient qualification consultation for chronic moderate to severe pain is 100% free of charge and the goal is to determine if you qualify for our care. Payment will only begin if you elect for our recommended treatment when you qualify for care. Payment options will be discussed during your consultation.

By going through your patient qualification consultation, we will be able to determine if you qualify for care by knowing if you have a diagnosis that we can treat and that your condition has not gone past the level of severity where we can no longer help.

Most of our treatment is essentially pain-free. Some discomfort can be felt during neuro-muscular activation and re-training during your first few visits because we will be targeting areas of damage and dysfunction. This is quite normal. But we would not classify our treatment as painful.

Our clinic services can be covered fully or partially depending on your extended health care insurance plan. Our staff can help determine your specific coverage during your consultation.

If you don’t qualify for care, you either have a diagnosis that we cannot treat or your condition has gone past the level of severity where we can no longer help. If that’s the case, we will do our very best to steer you towards the right treatment you require.

As you can imagine, if we deal with moderate to severe pain, we can definitely treat mild pain with high success. We will treat anyone dealing with pain and don’t limit our services to just those in severe pain.

When we treat a patient for their knees/shoulder/back, we are not only focusing our attention specifically on that body part. As such, we often treat the neck, hip, upper back, ankles, and feet depending on each case. As such, if you have pain that is not predominately in your knee, shoulder or back, don’t hesitate in asking if our services are right for you.