- What To Expect -

During Your FREE Consultation

Detailed History Taking

You’ll be given ample time to explain your specific case and tell us your story. We know that each case can be quite complex. We’ll be able to gather a relevant medical history, ask specific questions which can help us further understand your case, and begin to truly get to know the pain you’re dealing with.

This is the first step on your path to recovery. It’s important that you try to answer all the questions with as many details as possible. The more information we can gather in the history, the better we would be able to handle your specific case.

Physical Examination

We will perform a full neuro-muscular, orthopaedic, and neurological examination to start to determine the cause of your pain and the level of severity you are dealing with. This examination is usually quite comprehensive and includes areas that may not necessarily be painful but can contribute to your pain.

Be prepared with the appropriate attire for us to be able to access your area of primarily complaint. If pain is too severe to complete all the necessary testing, we will use our judgement to determine what is absolutely required to test. This will in turn, reduce the discomfort you feel during the exam.

X-ray Analysis & Diagnosis

Based on your physical examination results, we will determine whether X-rays are required in your case. If they are, we’ll prescribe them for you. X-rays can give us further information in regards to how severe your case is, how much deterioration there is in your joints, and other possible contributors to your pain.

X-Rays can also determine if there are any contraindications to our treatment. A contraindication is a specific situation in which a treatment should not be used because it may be harmful to the person. By using X-rays to determine eligibility, we maintain a high level of success & safety.

Report of Findings

Once we gather all the findings, we use this time to explain your condition to you in detail and allow you to ask all the questions you have. If we prescribe X-rays, we’ll show them to you so that you get a clear understanding of why your pain is occurring.

We use the results we gather to determine if you qualify for our care. If you qualify, we deem that you have a diagnosis that we can treat and that your condition has not gone past the point of severity where we can no longer help. If you don’t qualify, we will do our best to refer you to someone better suited for your condition.

If you qualify for our care, we will outline the exact treatment plan that is required for your specific case. This includes treatment recommendations, duration/frequency of treatment, treatment costs, and payment options are discussed with you.