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Laser Enhanced Knee Decompression

Laser Enhanced Decompression will open up the space in your knee and penetrate therapeutic laser directly for effective and sustained...

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression will open up the disc space in your spine & create a vacuum like effect to hydrate & lubricate the...

Chiropractic Manual Therapy

Our chiropractors are trained to effectively treat chronic moderate to severe pain conditions, especially when it comes to...

Manual Physiotherapy Techniques

Our physiotherapists are a critical part of our ability to successfully treat chronic moderate to severe pain conditions by...

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Our Success Stories

Tanuja dealt with severe knee pain as a result of moderate arthritis and a meniscus tear. This prevented her from being able to work.

She found us on Facebook and came into the office hardly able to walk. We examined her and reviewed her x-rays. We determined the exact treatment plan required in her case.

She entrusted us with her health and completed care. She got the results she had been seeking for, returned to work, and is forever grateful.

What To Expect:

During Treatment

At Runway Health, we use a blend of evidence-based techniques designed to alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life. We utilize advanced manual therapy techniques, spinal decompression, laser enhanced knee decompression, nutritional advice, exercise therapy, and more.

Each patient is thoroughly examined & qualified before starting treatment. By qualifying patients to determine eligibility, we maintain a high level of success & safety.