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Getting You Back To Optimal Health

Car Accident Rehab: Markham & Newmarket

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’re probably going through unnecessary stress and headaches, on top of your already busy life. We offer Motor Vehicle Accident rehab in Markham & Newmarket.

We’re here to help. We specialize in motor vehicle accident rehabilitation and physical therapy to get you back to optimal health.

We perform a full physical examination, provide the highest quality of care, and work directly with your insurance company so you don’t have too.

We provide direct billing to insurance companies, so that you do not have to pay out of pocket. We work hard on your insurance claims so that you can focus on getting better.

With 400+ 5 star reviews on Google, we are determined to provide you with the best service possible [ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ]

Woman with eyes closed clenching the back of her neck with both hands and is visibly in pain after a motor vehicle accident. The patient probably had a whiplash injury.

How Do I Get Started With Therapy?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you know it can be very stressful and take a significant toll on your life and overall health.

Whether you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender or have sustained serious injuries, our team of healthcare experts have the knowledge and know how to help you lay the foundation for your recovery and help you get back to your normal daily routine.

The team at Runway Health have treated many patients that have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. We ensure that we take into account all aspects of your health including physical, psychological and the impact it has on your daily activities.

The first step is to perform a thorough examination. We use this examination to pinpoint your injuries and determine the best treatment plan to get your back to optimal health. We also sort through your claim paperwork to remove the hassle from your end.

A physiotherapist assessing the left lower leg of a male patient after the patient sustained injuries after a motor vehicle accident.

Is Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Insurances will cover your treatment if the facility you attend is approved and licensed by FSRAO. At Runway Health, we are fully certified by the FSRAO to provide therapy for patients who have been involved in car accidents.

We also directly coordinate all treatment plans and invoices with your car insurance company to make sure that you never have to pay out of pocket for any car accident related injury.

By working with your car insurance company and keeping them apprised of your situation, we make sure that you get the treatment that you deserve at no cost to you. We want you to stay focused on getting better.

A white piece of paper on an office desk with insurance details, Runway Health provides direct billing to most major insuranec companies.

What Does Therapy Consist of?

Once one of our doctors have fully assessed and analyzed all of your injuries we will formulate a treatment plan designed just for you. This treatment plan will take into account all the factors of your health.

Our team at Runway Health truly believes in evidence-based care and we will use the best practices based on the most recent literature to help return you back to your pre-accident state.

We use a blend and combination of stretching, rehabilitative exercises, Laser therapy, Electrotherapy, soft tissue therapy, spinal decompression, and more to get your better faster.

Therapy is usually with physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors. Exercises are usually performed with strength and conditioning specialists and kinesiologists.

A physiotherapist assessing the right shoulder of a male patient. The patient's right arm is being stretches across his chest.

How Much Therapy Am I Entitled To?

If you have been involved in an accident and have suffered injuries you are entitled to a minimum of 3 months of therapy.

If you have not fully recovered from your injuries after 3 months, we will notify the insurance company and work with them to get you more therapy. As we have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of your rights after an accident we will do our best to get you the treatment you need and deserve.

You will also be entitled to a minimum of $400 dollars of supplementary goods and services. Based on your condition, our team will recommend and provide you with goods to help you recover quicker and help decrease your symptoms.

Some of the goods that you can be entitled to include: Braces, pillows, massage therapy, TENS units, exercise equipment, manual massagers, analgesic gels, ice packs, and heat packs.

A female physiotherapist is performing mobilizations on the left shoulder of a female patient. This helps increase range of motion in the shoulder

Common Types of Injuries

Car accidents come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple fender bender to more serious accidents. Based on this, patients can suffer all types of injuries. Some of the most common injuries that we have seen at our clinic are listed below:

Whiplash: This is one of the most if not the most common type of injury experienced by car accident victims

Low back injuries: This is another one of the most common injuries sustained in accidents

Headaches: Many of our patients attend our clinic with headaches post-collision

Rotator cuff injuries: Shoulder injuries are abundant in patients who have been in accidents

Knee pain: Due to the force of accidents and people having their knees forcefully thrust upon the dash, we have helped many people with knee pain recover from injury.

Mid back injuries: Many people who have been involved in car accidents complain of injuries to their thoracic area

Young woman wearing a white dress, sitting in an black office chair and holding her lower back with the right arm due to being in pain.