- Axis Knee Program -

Knee Rehabilitation Redefined

Why It Is Better

The Axis Knee Program is tailor made for patients suffering from chronic moderate to severe knee pain. The program was created by Runway Health through combining our years of experience and evidence-based research.

It is specifically designed for conditions including knee arthritis, degenerative knees, meniscus tearing, and cartilage thinning.

The program consists of three main components:

      • 1️⃣ Laser Enhanced Knee Decompression
      • 2️⃣ Advanced Manual Therapy
      • 3️⃣ Knee-Boost Supplement Stack

Laser Knee Decompression

This is the catalyst to the program. It is used primarily for moderate to severe osteoarthritis & meniscus tears. Arthritis creates a lack of space between the bones (femur & tibia) that make the knee joint. In turn, this thins our cartilage and produces pressure, pain, and inflammation.

It’s a painless and safe treatment that works by creating a pull on your knee and thus opens the joint. The pull is generated by a computerized system based on case-specific parameters that are determined by examination findings. The pull is not static as it creates an oscillatory effect to minimize spasm and create a pumping mechanism. The pull creates a negative pressure in your joint (similar to a vacuum-like effect) that draws in water and nutrients to lubricate and nourish your knee.

Simultaneously, therapeutic laser is penetrated deep into the knee joint for effective healing, pain relief, and inflammation reduction. Without opening the knee joint during decompression, the laser cannot penetrate as deep as it needs to for maximal results.

By combining these two modalities simultaneously, it creates a synergistic effect that is much greater than if only one is applied at a time.

Advanced Manual Therapy

Advanced Manual Therapy is another critical component of our program. It is a hands-on treatment that is used by our therapists to loosen up the specific musculature required around your knee joint. This is used to reduce the compression on your knee joint that is created by tight muscles. This is always performed prior to your decompression to allow a smooth, painless, & highly effective knee decompression session.

As your knee joint is being opened during decompression, it is a natural reaction for the muscles around your knee to “guard” or tighten in response to resist the movement. By working on releasing the musculature before your decompression session, this minimizes this “guarding mechanism” and allows a much more effective decompression of your knee joint.

Knee-Boost Supplement Stack

This part of the program further accelerates your recovery and maintains long-term results even after your in-office treatment is complete. We all know that diet, nutrition, & natural supplementation is critically important to our joint health.

After you reach the age of 40, your body stops making optimal amounts of specific raw materials that is used to maintain adequate joint health. As a result, we get a thinning of our cartilage which leads to erosion and osteoarthritis. Some of these specific materials are not found in foods, so they have to be taken as a supplement.

We provide you with the exact supplement stack to be able to re-nourish your knee with the most effective healing and anti-inflammatory properties. We also guide you through an anti-inflammatory diet and monitor your progress. This aspect of your treatment takes your recovery to the next level.