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Our Roster of Registered Chiropractic Doctors


A profile photo of Dr. Marina Askander, a chiropractor at Runway Health which has locations in Markham and Newmarket.

Dr. Marina Askander

Doctor of Chiropractic
[Location: Markham]

Dr. Askander has a passion for providing patients with evidence-based & patient-focused care through manual therapy, rehab & education. She is your go-to for all your musculoskeletal injuries, aches and pain. She is friendly, approachable, & excited to provide exceptional care. She is also a fully certified functional acupuncture provider.

Dr. James Son

Doctor of Chiropractic
[Location: Markham]

Dr. James is a great manual therapist focused on getting his patients better long-term. He provides soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, acupuncture, spinal manipution & adjustments, as well as rehab exercises. He’s very easy to talk to and provides nothing short of his best to each of his patients. He speaks English & Korean.

chiropractor Michael Lehr

Dr. Michael Lehr

Doctor of Chiropractic
[Location: Newmarket]

Dr. Lehr has 21 years of experience as a chiropractor & acupuncture provider. He has an interest in managing patients with complex pain. He is a firm advocate of rehab & education. He has completed the spinal stenosis program at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Dr. Lehr has guided the paramedical operations of 8 clinical practices.