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Our Roster of Registered Physiotherapists


A profile photo of Mina Messeha, a physiotherapist at Runway Health which has locations in Markham and Newmarket.

Mina Messeha

Clinic Director | Registered Physiotherapist
[Location: Markham/Newmarket]

Mina has been a physiotherapist in Ontario since 2017. He has been acquiring experience since graduating from the University of Cairo in 2008. He has worked in settings such as sports, medical centres, & hospitals. He uses several techniques including: active release, mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, & rehab. He speaks English, French, and Arabic.

Chris Ibrahim

Registered Physiotherapist
[Location: Markham]

Chris graduated from the UofT’s Physical Therapy Program and is excited to serve the Markham region. He also holds a Kinesiology Bachelor’s Degree from York University. He prefers a hand-on approach when it comes to treatment and uses techniques such as joint mobilizations, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, & rehab exercises. He speaks English & Arabic.

Akshay Misir

Registered Physiotherapist
[Location: Markham/Newmarket]

Akshay has a long history at Runway Health from starting as a volunteer, to completing his education, and returning to work as a physiotherapist in the environment he loved to be at. He knows the ins and outs of our clinic and is an extremely hard-worker. He’s a true professional and simply always gets the job done. You’ll always feel comfortable in his hands.

Kevin Ho

Resident Physiotherapist
[Location: Markham/Newmarket]

Kevin is a professional, courteous, and motivated physiotherapist. He attained his Masters of Physiotherapy from the University College Dublin in Ireland. Prior to that, he received a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology. He already has a ton of experience especially dealing with musculoskeletal conditions and providing rehabilitation. He speaks English & Cantonese.