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Our Roster of Registered Physiotherapists

Mina Messeha

Registered Physiotherapist

Mina has been practising as a physiotherapist in Ontario since 2017. He has been acquiring experience since graduating from the University of Cairo in 2008. He has worked in settings such as sports, medical centres, & hospitals. He uses several techniques: active release, mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, & exercise prescription. He speaks English, French, and Arabic.

Pooja Parekh

Registered Physiotherapist

Pooja graduated from Brighton Rehabilitation Sciences Physiotherapy Program.  She holds a Kinesiology Bachelor’s Degree from Ontario Tech. She has gained clinical experience working in a variety of settings including acute care, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory. She’s ready to tackle all your physical pain needs. She speaks English, Gujarati, and Hindi.

Chris Ibrahim

Resident Physiotherapist

Chris graduated from the UofT’s Physical Therapy Program and is excited to serve the Markham region. He also holds a Kinesiology Bachelor’s Degree from York University. He prefers a hand-on approach when it comes to treatment and uses techniques such as joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, & rehab exercise education. He speaks English & Arabic.

Priyanka Mehta

Physiotherapist Assistant

Priyanka is a clinical assistant who had attained her physiotherapy license back in India. She is in the process of getting her Canadian license. She helps with patient treatment, exercises, and helps to maintain a smooth flow of the clinic. She is a valuable team member that helps the clinic flow. She keeps the clinic running. She speaks English, Hindi, and Gujarati.