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Go-To Health Facility For Chronic Pain

Go-To Clinic

Our clinic is consistently flooded with cases of chronic moderate to severe knee, shoulder, & back pain and we’re known for being able to accomplish great results even when other treatment options have failed.

As such, our clinic attracts patients from all over the Greater Toronto Area because we’re the go-to facility where our practitioners are extremely experienced to deal with your pain.

We have developed our very own program named the Axis Knee Program. This has made a huge impact to the success that we have been able to attain with our knee patients.

Free Patient Consultation

With each patient with chronic moderate to severe knee pain, shoulder pain, or back pain, we provide a free patient qualification consultation to determine if you qualify for our treatment and are a candidate for our care. As such we are very selective as to the patients we accept.

Your free patient qualification consultation consists of a detailed history taking component, comprehensive physical examination, x-ray analysis and diagnosis (if necessary), and a report of findings.

Each patient is thoroughly examined & qualified before starting treatment. By qualifying patients to determine eligibility, we maintain a high level of success & safety.

Laser Knee Decompression

This is the catalyst to our Axis Knee Program. It is designed for patients suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis or meniscus tears. It is a painless & safe treatment that works by creating a pull on your knee to open the joint.

The pull is generated by a computerized system based on case-specific parameters that are determined by examination findings. Simultaneously, therapeutic laser is penetrated deep into the knee joint for effective healing, pain relief, and inflammation reduction.

Advanced Manual Therapy

If you qualify for our care, our practitioners consisting of trained chiropractors, physiotherapists, and registered massage therapists utilize advanced manual therapy techniques that can provide immediate reduction in pain and an increase in your mobility.

We believe in a hands-on approach to our treatment. When you receive care at our clinic, always expect to receive manual therapy as part of your regimen. Depending on your severity of pain, we adjust the level of pressure used during treatment to make sure there is no discomfort felt.

Customized Treatment Plan

We understand that each case that walks into our office is unique. As such, we customize each patient’s treatment plan accordingly to be able to deliver successful results. With a wide variety of treatment options available at our clinic, we make sure to thoroughly analyze your specific case to know which treatment is right for you.

We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Every case is different and deserves to be analyzed in great detail to determine the appropriate course of action. Expect your therapist or doctor to have a deep involvement in your rehabilitation.